It was a scene right out of a really good nightmare. Classic country telecaster twang literally called out to the crowds of campers settling in for the night. I moved like a zombie in the direction of the Feedbag Cafe, where the flashing neon and loud drunken banter tried to but could not conceal the excellence of Big Jake’s voice and the band’s driving, dangerous and infectious rhythm. It was an odd time and place to be treated to such an outstanding and fleeting gift of music.
— Jay Gavan, The Corn Fed Girls, Local Spins, 2018
The Bootstrap Boys will take you back to Nashville in 1972. Who knew we could have the Deep South this far north?
— Quinn Matthews, WYCE/Experience Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids’ Bootstrap Boys...ooze the sort of throwback, outlaw-hued country music that’s really resonated with West Michigan audiences since the group released its first EP, “Country Songs for Sale,” back in 2015
— John Sinkevics, Local Spins
The Bootstrap Boys are singlehandedly reviving country music in West Michigan both in attitude as well as song. The band’s ability to tell stories indicative of a life lived on the razor’s edge is only eclipsed by the ease with which they connect to their audiences.
— Luke Sass, Promotional Manager, Founders Brewing Company



Li'l Mama Bootstrap, Management



TThe Bootstrap Boys are a four-piece country band based in Grand Rapids, MI, The Bootstrap Boys have developed a unique sound that takes ita cues from that particular mix of country and gospel found in the small churches of rural Michigan, spiced with the redneck flavor of the small town honky tonks of the Midwest.  While tunes about whiskey shots and getting stoned have landed The Boys with the brand “outlaw”, there’s more to their music to be found. There’s no shortage of thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics written by lead singer, Big Jake Bootstrap.

Big Jake started with the simple idea of getting back to his roots and making a country album after several rock & roll and singer/songwriter style projects in the late ‘90s through 2015, when he approached some old friends about forming a band around the project and in 2015 The Bootstrap Boys were born. The Bootstrap Boys are: Big Jake Bootstrap, Nicky Bootstrap, Clyde Bootstrap, and Jeff Bootstrap.

Starting with the old cowboy and traditional tunes made famous by acts such as Sons of the Pioneers or the Carter Family, The Boys developed a style embracing simple, solid musicianship with rich, four-part harmonies and rounded out with twangy electric guitar riffs and a very memorable performance style. It didn’t take much time to work out five original songs and in late 2015, Country Songs for Sale, The Bootstrap Boys first EP, was released. The Boys hit the ground running, bought a classic Chevy Rockwood RV (affectionately dubbed The Delta Dawn), and started ramblin’ all around the Midwest and beyond.

The Bootstrap Boys have had toes tappin’ and boots stompin’ in places as far flung as Nashville, TN clear up to the tip-top of the country in beautiful Copper Harbor, MI, making friends everywhere they go.

In 2016, ten more original songs were ready for the studio. The Boys recorded their first full length album, titled All Boots Aboard, in December 2016. They were honored to be nominated and win the award for Best Roots/Revival Album of the Year at the WYCE Jammies. In early 2017, The Boys played with the likes of classic purveyor of Juke Joint Swing, Wayne “The Train” Hancock” and Nashville darling Nora Jane Struthers, as well as having the pleasure of opening for another player in the “new outlaw” pantheon, Shooter Jennings. To round out 2017, they were asked to perform at Wheatland Music Festival, a long time bucket-list performance for them, they were lucky enough to play to a packed house (tent) that night. Early in 2018, The Boys recorded and released Live, recorded at Founders Brewing Company in downtown Grand Rapids. Their sophomore studio album, as yet untitled, is forthcoming in 2019.  

The Bootstrap Boys are a fully independent band with a special talent for, of course, pulling themselves up by the Bootstraps.