Short Bio

The Bootstrap Boys are a four-piece country band who have developed a fresh take on the classic country sound. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, The Bootstrap Boys have worked out a unique sound that is less influenced by the contemporary “Nashville” country stylings, instead their original tunes take their cues from that particular mix of country and gospel found in the small churches of rural Michigan, spiced with the redneck flavor of the small town honky tonks of the Midwest.  While tunes about whiskey shots and getting stoned have landed The Boys with the brand “outlaw”, there’s more to their music to be found. There’s no shortage of thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics, twangy guitar riffs, and steady rhythms to keep your boots tappin’ and heart happy.

The Bootstrap Boys are: Big Jake Bootstrap, Nicky Bootstrap, Clyde Bootstrap, and Jeff Bootstrap. Their manager, personal chef, and spiritual adviser is Li’l Mama Bootstrap. They ramble the countryside in their classic Chevy Rockwood RV, affectionately dubbed The Delta Dawn, making friends all along the way.